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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oswego County Traffic Safety Council

The Oswego County Traffic Safety Council has donated two SafeGuard Star restraint systems. Thanks! These will be a great addition to our training tools.

From the SafeGuard website:

SafeGuard STAR is an easy-to-use, quality safety restraint system for transporting children on school buses. It specifically meets the needs of your Head Start, pre-K and disability passengers.

STAR combines current 5-point restraint and cam wrap technology to securely position the student on a school bus seat. STAR has a quick release buckle that is attached to a cam wrap and a flexible positioning base.

Oswego County Traffic Safety Coordinator
Billie Crandall Brady
157 West First Street
Oswego, New York 13126

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Thank you, Billie Crandall Brady. (The Oswego County Traffic Safety Coordinator) This seat is a crucial instrument needed on the training bus. Now not only will the bus drivers envision the new seats. The emergency personal will have knowledge and understanding of what they might encounter on a school bus. Making evacuations that involve this piece of equipment appear effortlessness. Thank you!